Trick or Tweet

There aren’t any tricks involved using Twitter. It’s completely and holistically public, even if one doesn’t have an account of their own. Why is this important? It is a vital source of communication today. Between the various networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg or even Pinterest, Twitter functions as a profile, a personal/professional/news feed of information sharing. This is “real-time” too. Twitter is an excellent tool to promote ideas and events for the day, the evening, the next couple of hours, in 30 seconds. Amy Jo Martin is a pro at utilizing Twitter for various purposes and for various people and companies. Click on the video below to see what I mean! She is Founder and CEO of Digital Royalty, follow her on Twitter.

For the average consumer, Twitter can be personalized, organized and redesigned to one’s liking. For companies and brands, it’s a whole new ball game for marketing and consumer interaction. There are certain steps that will maybe help you succeed, but what is cool is that there is no right or wrong way to tweet. A Twitter accounts acts as the voice, the input, the facts, the laughs, the image. I enjoy Twitter, reasons why are that it’s short and simple, which only 140 characters to use, we can all get creative with our tweets. Also, it usually leads you to another webpage, source, link to other Twitter profiles, current trends and full on conversations.

According to a well written article about the use of Twitter, by The Next Web, “users who are active on Twitter daily: 72% publish blog posts at least once a month and 70% comment on others blog posts”. Twitter is basically the answer to promoting one’s blog. It’s snowball effect will lead to you blog popping up in search engines, Facebook news feeds, emails and other social bookmarking sites. The “surfing” or the click-through-rate that is accomplished on Twitter, or any other web application is incredible. The things we come across, find and share is endless. Now, it’s just facing the overload of information, filtering and establishing yourself in the Twitter world. Follow me, check out who I follow and who is following me!

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